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The whole universe shouts out that there is someone greater than us. We believe that this ‘someone’ is God himself. And we can know God because he has made himself known to us through the person of Jesus Christ, His Son. His birth, life, death and resurrection mean we have a significance beyond the length of our lifetimes. Please click here to read what we believe.

Meet the team

The church is a family and is made up of all kinds of people with different skills. Click below to meet some of people who have responsibilities for different areas of our church life.

Our stories

Everyone has a story. Click below to hear some of the people in our church explaining a little about themselves and their faith story.

Pastor’s Words

Chris Tinker

At Cornerstone Church we believe that your story matters. Who you are and what you believe is important to God and therefore important to us too. In order to get to know us a bit better why not have a read of some real life stories from our church members.

Matt Racher

Matt Racher

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m a draughtsman within Structural Engineering. I enjoy films, reading, history, music, walking and sport.

Back in August 2011 I had started to ask myself some of the big questions in life and that’s when I met Lindsay who was a Christian. I found myself intrigued as to what being a Christian meant, and what it meant to her. She encouraged my curiosity and invited me to an Easter service at her church. The church wasn’t what I was expecting; rather than feel isolated and out of place as I felt I would, I felt at ease. Following this, I went on an Alpha course to learn more about the Christian faith; nobody was trying to force anything down my throat and I found myself wanting answers to certain questions. I knew the basic story of Jesus but didn’t know why any of this was relevant for me personally. I enjoyed finding out about the life of Jesus and his resurrection. I didn’t know we live in a fallen world, and that God sent his only son who, although perfect, suffered and died on the cross so that our sins could be washed away, leaving us free to pursue a one-to-one relationship with God through belief in Jesus.

I then spent a good deal of time wrestling with things and trying to prove the truth one way or the other. One weekend I felt very uneasy and found myself alone in the park talking aloud to God, asking him that if he existed to please speak to me and reveal himself to me. At that moment a weight just seemed to lift from me and my previous hang-ups and uncertainties seemed to evaporate. I sensed something say trust in me here and now and you won’t look back. I immediately felt at peace and everything seemed to slot into place. I just knew that by building my life on God the creator of the universe, who loves me unconditionally, then how could I fail?

MY QUESTION TO YOU: If you have never been on an Alpha or Christianity Explored course, why not give it a try?

Kath Mashinter

Kath Mashinter

Hi, I’m Kath and I’m an Occupational Therapist in Kirklees working with people who have Dementia. I have attended Cornerstone Church since 1988 and Paul and I got married in Café 139 in 1989! I enjoy playing the violin, cooking and baking.

I have lived in and around Brighouse since I was 2 years old, attending local schools. My mum and dad were Quakers and I was taken along to the Quaker Meeting every Sunday morning from birth! When I was about 11 or 12 there were very few young people at the Quaker Meeting and I had started attending a local youth group at Hipperholme Methodist Church.

On a ‘Weekend Away’ in Scarborough it became clear to me from listening to some of the young people that they believed Jesus was real and he clearly made a difference to the way they lived their life. This intrigued me and I was keen to get to know them better and find out more about them and about Jesus. Over the next 2-3 years, a group of us started to meet together and we literally talked about ‘life, the universe and everything’.

Over a period of time I was becoming more and more convinced about the truth and the reality of God. I began to understand that He loved me, even though I had lived totally selfishly, always putting myself first and living without any reference to Him who had given me so much. It was explained to me that when Jesus, God’s Son, died he was being punished instead of me for all the things that were wrong in my life so that God could, and would, forgive me. In May 1978, after listening to a talk at a young people’s gathering, I felt challenged to ask God to forgive me and trust my whole life into His hands. I prayed he’d be my friend and give me a whole new start.

MY QUESTION TO YOU: Do you have a real hope for the future for this life and beyond and are you certain of a place in heaven for eternity with God where there will be no more tears, mourning or pain? These things can be yours.

Irene Naylor

Irene Naylor

Hi, I’m Irene Naylor and I’m now retired.

From University to Prison was my career path (thankfully not via the courts), but graduating with a degree in Social Administration I wanted to do something useful with my life and I was drawn to the opportunity of being a Prison Governor. As a 16 year old and thinking I knew everything, it became clear to me that what I didn’t know was the God who had made me, and who had sent his son Jesus to renew my relationship with him. I was challenged by the words of Paul, a Biblical writer, in a letter to the Roman Christians: ‘there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus’. I knew what I deserved, but I also learned what God offered.

After asking God to forgive me, I wanted to follow him and serve him, so doing social work seemed a way of doing that. I married and spent over 10 years as a stay at home Mum looking after my children; then following redundancy and health problems for my husband I was out in the workplace again. I worked with the victims of crime and managed a Women’s Refuge. A number of other very different jobs followed. I am amazed that so many people discount the message of Jesus without really finding out what he said and did. I have never been disappointed in either the power of his words or the impact of his love in my life. If you want to find out more about Jesus then please speak with us. Knowing Jesus and being part of a group of people seeking to follow him is the most important thing in my life.

MY QUESTION TO YOU: If you have never truly looked at the claims of Jesus I would ask, why not do it now?

Andy Tippett-Moore

Andy Tippett-Moore

Hi, I’m Andy and I’m a Project Engineer & HSE Advisor working in Bradford. I am keen on the outdoors and enjoy mountain biking!

I was baptized as a Christian in January 2014. Up to a few years before that I had only been to church for weddings, funerals and christenings. My philosophy on life was that when we died, that was the end of the matter.

I started coming to church about 2 years ago with my wife. It was a total surprise and shock to me because I had so many pre-conceived ideas, built up over the years, about the whole thing – that its main purpose was to control people and brainwash them. I found that I was the one that was brain-washed, not the congregation! I wanted to find out more and went on the Christianity Explored course run by the church – since then I have never looked back and my life has completely changed for the better; I thank the church and the Lord for this.

MY QUESTION TO YOU: What have you to lose if you take a closer look at Christianity?

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Safeguard Policy

All concerns must be raised with any of the team and they can provide support and advice, along with dealing with any Child Protection issues. Working Together to Safeguard People, we know that some people attending Cornerstone Church may be vulnerable and we have a moral duty to protect them, to ensure their needs are met and to support them and their family. As adults working with children, we have a statutory duty to ensure their safety and the healthy development of all children/adults in our care. As a church, we are strongly committed to working in close partnership with other agencies. It is every ones responsibility in church to ‘take special care’ to safeguard and promote the welfare of everyone.